23 September 2015

Santa Margherita puppy

This very young puppy was being led along a street in Santa Margherita, near Portofino in Italy.  The young owner didn't know what breed he is. She said 'pastoral' but that's all she knew.  He looks as if he might have had his ears and tail cropped. Hopefully not.

Thank you to a reader who suggests he is a  Caucasian Ovcharka and indeed it is a breed who has its ears cropped.


William Kendall said...

Much too cute!

lady jicky said...

So cute but Jilly ..... I hope those ears and tail are not cropped too!
Its illegal in my country !

Kate said...

What a cutie! Santa Margarita. . . what memories! One of my most favorite places to visit was this wonderful little city. How I would love to return!


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