18 June 2015

Fluffing up a Peke

Pekinese 'brush up'  at the Monaco dog show. 


William Kendall said...

That takes great patience by the dog!

lady jicky said...

Thank you Jilly for the Pekingese !!!!!! Yeah!!!!

That one looks like my Peke called Moi Moi !!!

Come on Jilly ...... I know that must be more than ONE Pekingese there !!! LOL

Jilly said...

Lady Jicky, Honestly they are SO rare here. This is the first one I've seen in years and that was at a dog show! I keep looking for you!

lady jicky said...

Jilly .... they are rare here too.

I have Asian people stop me in the streets asking me what sort of dog they are! LOL
I mean ... Its the Chinese National Dog! LOL

Keep a looking Jilly ! LOL

I did see a couple of Pekingese when I visited Paris some years ago. They would be excellent for apartment living!!!


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