13 November 2014

Black and white in the water

On Saturday the Festival PhotoMenton opens its doors to 110 photographers. This year my theme is 'dogs' and here's one of the photos I'll be exhibiting.  If any of you are living near to Menton, do come along. You'll see so many varied and wonderful styles of photography from so many talented photographers. 

See www.photomenton.com for more info.

This is Joe, the cocker spaniel, along with his co-owner, Emmanuelle. We saw him in a beautiful old car, a 1968 Renault 4L in a recent post.   This was taken at the Coulée Verte in Nice.  Of course Emma is the perfect model and, indeed, she ruined a pair of tights to make these photos.  Thank you, dear Emma! xxx


mj said...

Wow! I think this is stunning. I really like the way the foreground figures stand out against the muted background. Quite a sense of motion, too, with Joe tugging Emma along through the water sprays. A bit reminiscent of shots of Audrey Hepburn - Emma is so slim, wearing black, sunglasses - lovely!

lady jicky said...

Great photo Jilly!!!!!


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