12 October 2014


There's something about puppy Jack Russell terriers - that are just too cute.  On reflection, aren't all puppies cute!

Meet 10 month old Kiwi who lives in Menton. 


Gunn said...


glenda said...

Love those cute little ears! One up and one down.

lady jicky said...

Oh ..... is there a New Zealand connection?????

Jilly said...

I didn't ask, Lady Jicky. Perhaps the fruit?

lady jicky said...

Oh yes ....maybe the owner loves Kiwi fruit!

Jilly - have you tried the golden kiwi fruit???
Its much , much sweeter than the green!!!
It is a little bit more expensive if you see them but so worth it!!! Yum!

Jilly said...

No, I haven't ever seen golden kiwi fruit. Will keep an eye out! Sounds good.


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