10 August 2013

Hot Dog!

What a good way to cool down a hot Labrador in a medieval hill village! 

Meet Heli, who is only 9 months old and lives at the top of Gorbio village.  He obviously appreciates the wet tea towel on his back. Of course, it eventually fell off but his vigilant owner kept putting it back again. Isn't he gorgeous - look at those kind trusting eyes.


French Girl in Seattle said...

"Hot Dog..." -- Ha! ha! ha! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

brattcat said...

oh, jilly, i'm not certain why but these images fill my eyes with tears. in a good way. thank you.

Graeme said...

Great idea with the wet towel, we've had extreme temperatures here in the UK and my four Labs have found it difficult. Heli is absolutely gorgeous. I can't help being biased towards Labs, they are such a gentle loving breed.

lady jicky said...

Jilly - its so cold here and we are in for some wild winds tonight - that towel would blow right off in Melbourne , Australia!! LOL

glenda said...

Heli has a devoted owner.


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