24 November 2012

The Monte Carlo Westies

Two Westies hoping for a morsel from their owners who are having a coffee and a croissant in the luxurious Metropole centre in Monte Carlo. 

They are mother and son.  Mother in the foreground is called Twiggy and she's 5 years old. Her son is 2 and he's called Tuky.

They live in Monaco. 


Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

Well, of course they are mother and son. I can see the resemblance.

My brother has a very old Westie who has lost much of the use of his hind legs. He slides himself across the floor, but cannot walk or climb the stairs. He is not in pain, however, and they pick him up and carry him when he needs to go outside, etc.

Coco said...

Och aye! Hello to some compatriots over the seas.

Kate said...

B&W is an excellent choice for these photos. I'd like to live in Monaco too!!

glenda said...

I'm assuming they were rewarded with a little taste. Who could resist these two?

lady jicky said...

They are so sweet!


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