25 August 2012


It's so rare to see an Afghan Hound in the south of France - and certainly not one as beautiful and in such wonderful condition as Tiago.  In fact Tiago is the first Afghan to appear on Riviera Dogs. 

This three-year old was walking in the pedestrian street of Menton where he created quite a stir (don't you love the look the little girl is giving him?) but, as befits such a beauty, wasn't bothered in the least by the crowds. But then he's a Saint Tropez dog so is doubtless used to adulation from the 'in' crowd. 


Unknown said...

What a lovely smile!

glenda said...

Tiago is very handsome. I can see why he would get a lot of attention!

RedPat said...

I haven't seen one in years!

Anonymous said...

One of my neighbors had two of those twenty years ago. It was always very funny to see him running to try to catch it up when one of them had run away.

They jump like a kangaroo and far, and their record speed is 68 km / h.

Luc/Montreal, Quebec

Kate said...

Veronica Lake?


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