04 May 2012

Valensia for Finn

This is the adorable Valensia, born in Moscow and living in Cannes.  She is 16 months old and we met at both the Monaco dog show and the San Remo dog show, which was a couple of days later.  The first two pics were taken in Monaco and the last one (better light) in San Remo. 

This post is for my friend Candy and one of her dogs, Finn.  Candy lived happily with her Old English Sheepdog, Blue and her Labrador, Big Mac and then - mad fool! - decided to buy an Irish Wolfhound - who of course is adorable. He's called Finn and he's now 12 months old. I rather think Finn and Valensia would enjoy each other ...


French Girl in Seattle said...

What an amazing looking dog, Jilly! You captured her personality to perfection on these photos. The first one is my favorite. Bon weekend! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

glenda said...

What a fun photo, getting a little chin scratching. Looks very contented.


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