03 September 2007

Ricky, the blind dachshund

This is Ricky, a totally blind 6-year old wire-haired dachshund in one of the squares of Menton. He was blinded by cruelty. Although the photo doesn't show it, his eyes are green and opaque. His lovely owners are in the photo below and at the point I took the photo, see how proud the wife is of her beautiful dog. The husband was telling me how impressed he was that as a French person I spoke such good English! I'm English of course so perhaps he was having me on! Meanwhile, I'll pretend he thought I spoke really good French at the beginning of our conversation...pass me my French grammar book!


sonia a. mascaro said...

Oh! poor little Ricky! I have tears on my eyes. How can exist cruelty like that? He looks adorable and now he has lucky to have kind owners!

Patty said...

I love his hat!


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