23 July 2007

Dogs at Menton's Arabian Horse Show - 6

One man - two dogs. Are they tired and fed up? Probably not. Most dogs would rather be with their owner, even if they do have to wait whilst he watches the Arabian horses. Dogs need to be with us and we with them. They are family, after all.


Anonymous said...

Dogs are pack animals and love to be with other dogs or their owners. Why oh, why do people buy dogs and put them in their house and leave them there all day while they go out to work etc.
Then they get mad when they bark and annoy neighbours or tear up the garden or furnishings out of boredom!
Don't get a dog if you are going to leave them alone alot!
They are lucky dogs in that photo!

Neva said...

I believe Europe embraces dogs more freely than in America. Here they are not welcome at restaurants (health code violations)..but I try to bring my dogs wherever I can....these are very cute dogs. I love how you get so many of them!


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