10 May 2007


This dog is a breed called a Porcelaine - one of France's hunting dogs. Seen here outside a stylish shoe and bag shop in one of the indoor shopping centres in Monte Carlo. He reminds me of Beau, my Bruno de Jura - it's those loooooooong ears.


angela said...

I guess you have to be classy if you live in monaco.
I've never heard of a Porcelaine before..

Anonymous said...

A beautiful animal. Nice photos.

Ann (MobayDP) said...

What a handsome fellow. I've never seen a Porcelaine before either. He has such a cute tummy...I just want to turn him over and rub it :)

Neva said...

Another breed I have never heard of...hmmmm..might need to take a visit!!

Anonymous said...

He's so beautiful!


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