23 February 2007

One, two, three...

This English lady had travelled from Monaco with her husband to see the te du Citron in Menton. Dogs are not allowed inside the exhibition enclosure and so when I took these photographs, she was waiting with the dogs whilst her husband went in to the see the displays. All three of her Cavaliers come from England - two were, I believe, only eleven months old. I told her that I'd seen several dogs inside but then probably it takes a Frenchman to ignore rules or perhaps they do allow dogs in if they are carried. Three Cavaliers around would have been too heavy. She told me she'd not go in and leave her husband with the dogs as she felt, by then, the young dogs had tired. You can see some photographs of the Fête du Citron at this link.

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Anonymous said...

As you know I just love dogs so when I came here this morning and saw all of these I just had to stop and read all of the posts about them. It was all interesting and surprised me that people leave dogs alone like they do. Over here, those dogs would be snapped up or stolen (a better word) and the owners would come out and they would be gone forever. What a difference there is between here and there.


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