26 September 2016

Naples Dog Park (Ivy and Theodore)

A dog park in a city is such a great idea. Here,  in Naples,  Ivy, the American Staff and Theodore, a Golden Retriever mix are having the best fun - even if it does look as if they are having a fracas. They are not!

25 September 2016

Naples Dog Park (Ivy)

This is the dog park attached to the Church of Santa Chiara in the centre of Naples.  Such a great place for dogs to run and play.  This is 10 month old Ivy, an American Staff with her beautiful owner, Mirabela.  Seems to me all the girls in Naples are beautiful - and so, of course,  are the dogs.

24 September 2016

Naples Dog Park (Micky and Brandon)

There is a small enclosed 'dog park' in in the historic centre of Naples, in the grounds of the Church of Santa Chiara.  These two belong to the same owner.   Micky, the Beagle is an Italian Agility champion - he's 8 now and retired from aglity because he has a hip problem.  Brandon on the right is a mix of a Golden retriever and a Maremma sheepdog - he's 1 and a half year old and is currently undergoing agility training.  As you can see both these dogs are beautiful behaved.

23 September 2016

Dogue de Bordeaux

Guard dog in Naples: a fierce looking Dogue de Bordeaux called Tequila who has a beautiful soft side to her.  She lives in the Spanish quarter of Naples.

22 September 2016

Fisherman's Dog

This handsome Rottweiler belongs of one of the fisherman on Procida island, off Naples.

21 September 2016

Hot Rotty

A fisherman's dog on Procida Island, Naples.


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